Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Too Tyred to Pedal?

One of the Rusty Chain nephews took delivery of a wooden Early Rider Classic the other day and a sweet looking bike it is. The idea is that not having any pedals helps learn balance before moving onto a pedal bike, so there should be no need to rely on stablisers. He's only two so it shouldn't be too long before he's out on the trails.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

freshnlo Pedal for Scotland 2009

Another year, another trip (along with 7,000 others) to the east and more importantly some more cash for the charity tin. A big 'thank you' to everyone who put their hand in their pocket in aid of Maggie's Centres.

If you want to find out more about the annual ride from Glasgow to Edinburgh, head over to the Pedal for Scotland website.

Date: 13/09/09
Pedaling time: ?
Distance: 50 miles
Max speed: ?
Total ascent: ?
Total descent: ?
Puncture count: 0
Bike shop: 4 service points on the route
Cafe: 4 feed stations on the route
Riders: DH, FS and AW

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Menteith Hills

A nice wee dodder around Aberfolye/Callander, which is within easy reach of Glasgow.

You can do it either way, but we would recommend doing it anti-clockwise, that way you include a nice wee section of (wet) singletrack down from the picnic bench near the fishing loch.

Start at Braeval carpark and head up the fireroad, and keep plugging on until you get to the start of the single track through the forest and over a moor-like section. Once there, you will hit a small fishing loch, at the top of that keep your eyes peeled for some ST off to left and down to Loch Venacher.

Once at the lochside, pickup the national cycle path around the loch, and head up back up the forest drive to main forest. Stick to the forest drive and you will eventually come into heavy forest near the David Marshall Lodge. Coming down through this it is possible to come onto two or three dedicated mountain bike trails , albeit but short quite nice. Once done, head back to the car park along the golf course.

Highlight: Downhill ST from the wee loch
Lowlight: Pull back up from Loch Venacher
Summary: Good route close to Home, that can easily be expanded by going into Callander or exploring more forest paths.
Ride Rating: 7/10

Date: 05/09/09
Pedaling time: 4hrs
Distance: ?
Max speed: ?
Total ascent: ?
Total descent: ?
Puncture count: 0
Bike shop: Trossachs Cycles near Aberfoyle
Cafe: Lots of choice in Aberfoyle/Callander
Riders: SC, DH and FS

Driving from Glasgow
Distance: 26 miles
Travel time: 47mins
Directions: Google Maps

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